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How Long Does Botox Last?

We live in a world where external appearances matter a great deal. Its little surprise then that treatments such as Microdermabrasion, Microdermabrasion, Laser Resurfacing, Acne Blue Light Therapy etc. are increasing in popularity. However, with an impressive range of cosmetic and medical uses, Botox is still one of the safest & aesthetically flexible treatments available.

Botox is one of the most widely used, noninvasive cosmetic procedures people opt for. Those who are considering this treatment have a number of questions about it. One of the commonest being – How long does Botox last?Let’s take a detailed look at how fast this treatment works and how long it lasts.

When Will The Results Be Evident?

It is understandable why many first-time users feel impatient when it comes to the results of their treatment. Eager for results, a large majority feel disappointed when the change isn’t immediate.

Most patients will notice changes within 3-5 days after being injected with Botox. Delays are typically due to the time it takes for the Botulinum Toxin to have an effect on the body. It’s why many doctors require patients to come in for a follow-up visit to check on their progress.There are numerous other factors that can delay the onset of a Botox treatment such as:

  • People with stronger facial muscles may take longer to see the effects of their treatment.
  • If you get your first treatment later in life or if the wrinkles are deeply etched into your skin, Botox treatment alone cannot efficiently smoothen the lines out.
  • It can be a year until the treated area looks a bit more relaxed; this typically occurs due to the deep lines on the skin.
  • In some instances, a dermal filter is used for deep corrugations and it might be necessary to plump out the treated area.

Many first-time users undergo Botox treatment to look exceptionally good for an event or a vacation. It is absolutely necessary to complete the injection session at least 2 weeks prior to the occasion, for you to benefit from the effects of the treatment completely.

For How Long Does The Botox Treatment Last?

It is important for you to keep in mind that your first Botox treatment might not have long-lasting results and it can take a few treatments before your muscles become conditioned to responding well. The results of the treatment last longer once you have completed a couple  of sessions. This gives your skin a lot more time to regenerate the collagen that is required to fill in wrinkles and lines.

On average, Botox treatment lasts up to 4-6 months when used for cosmetic purposes. However, expect the results of your first treatment to wear off faster. You may find the need to schedule another appointment after a few months have passed.

The Factors That Matter

The time taken for the procedure to take effect, and its longevity will differ from patient to patient. Many factors affect the longevity of Botox treatment such as:

Dosage Dilution

1 to 3 cc of a saline solution is used to dilute Botox. The dilution can vary depending on the area being injected. A diluted solution diffuses the Botox into the surrounding areas as well. This migration can prove to be beneficial when larger areas need to be treated.

Many less meticulous injectors can over-dilute the Botox dosage which results in the patient not receiving the complete benefits of their treatment. This is why it is advised by experts to have Botox managed by a reputed injector. Products used at Botox parties or uncertified beauty/medi-spa professionals cannot guarantee the quality of their work.

Product Freshness

Botox is available in the form of a frozen powder. Prior to injection, a saline solution is added to it, to help the powder become properly diluted. Botox should typically be used within 24 hours after mixing as it is much more potent when fresh.

Botox treatment centers open & use Botox from vials. This keeps the product safe and also ensures that patients get the best result possible.The powder is safe for use up to 2 weeks after the vial has been opened.

The Patients Metabolism

Fit and athletic people metabolize Botox at a much faster rate; this tends to eliminate the effect quicker.

The Area Which Is Being Injected

When injected into areas with larger muscles like the frontal muscles on your forehead, Botox will last for a shorter amount of time, than when injected into smaller areas like crows’ feet. Expect the results of injections on your forehead to last up to 3 months; the injections to crows’ feet last up to 4 months.

The Dosage That Has Been Used

Botox in conservative doses results in muscle movement returning faster than heavier doses. However, for first-time users,over-injection isn’t recommended as you may end up with a frozen look on your face.

Age Factor

Older patients have decreased collagen production levels and also have less elasticity in their skin. This, in addition to deeper wrinkles, causes Botox to wear off quicker.

Additional Medical Conditions

When used for medical purposes like treating headaches, Botox has to be administered with increased regularity. Depending on your health concern, your physician will determine a tailored schedule.

Can Botox Injections Last Longer?

There are both long and short-term techniques that can be used to increase the longevity of your Botox treatment. Zinc supplements have proved to help extend the efficiency of the treatment. Wrinkle treatments like Retin can also help in extending its effects. A combination of Botox with an additional topical retinoid cream helps in decreasing the need for additional units per visit and can also help increase the time between visits.

Additional Tips

  • Exercising following your treatment may metabolize the product before it has the time required to take any effect.
  • After receiving a Botox treatment avoid strenuous exercises for at least a 24-hour period. This gives the proteins in the product time to diffuse properly and also have an effecton the muscle.
  • Exercising immediately after your treatment can increase the chances of swelling or bruising at the injection points.

When you are getting Botox treatment done, it’s important to go to a credible medical professional in Las Vegas. In addition to Botox, we also offer excellent CoolSculpting, CoolSculptra, skin- tightening, fillers as well as other cosmetic solutions at Ageless Aesthetics.