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Youthful Look

How to Maintain A Youthful Look

Beauty transcends age, but it doesn’t hurt to want to maintain a youthful look. While you can’t stop the clock from ticking, you could still take a few steps to keep looking your best. Your face and skin are exposed to harmful UV rays, dirt, and other pollutants every single day. And over time, these can take a toll on your physical attributes. Enhance your beauty and bring back younger looking skin through these useful tips. Here are a few key steps to help you maintain a youthful look:

Protect your hair and skin

To prevent wrinkles, always wear protective clothing and accessories before going outdoors. Sunglasses prevent from having to squint your eyes and wearing a hat protects your face from harsh sunshine. Another essential to keeping your skin looking youthful is by applying sunscreen every day. Even when its cloudy or raining, sunscreen is still necessary. This is because sun damage makes your skin vulnerable to skin cancer and more prone to wrinkling. Most importantly, sunscreen prevents aging and improves your skin’s clarity and texture over time. Apply it frequently, and make sure you include your neck, chest, and hands because these areas are prone to showing signs of aging.

Stay hydrated and moisturize

Moisturize your skin and keep yourself hydrated. Hydration helps your skin retain water which will keep it feeling plump and healthy. Dehydration dries out your skin and can make you look older and tired. A good moisturizer gives your skin that youthful glow! More importantly, moisturizers prevent your skin from tearing. They temporarily stretch the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Another great way to keep your skin hydrated is by getting a Hydrafacial at our Las Vegas medical spa. Hydrafacial treatments gently exfoliate your skin and then quench its surface with intense moisturizers and antioxidants to maximize your glow. Above all, glowing skin makes your skin look healthy and refreshed!

Try a facial peel

Facial peels are an investment—the longer you use them, the better your skin will look over time. Peels help build collagen which helps your skin retain its elasticity. It also erases pigmentation such as dark spots and aging spots. Some peels have shown to be beneficial for erasing fine lines and thickening your skin. At Ageless Aesthetics in Las Vegas, our licensed professionals use chemical enzyme peels to improve the overall appearance of skin on the face, neck, hands, and chest.

Sleep on your back

They say that getting beauty sleep is important, but how you sleep can also play a factor into how you look when you wake up. First of all, skin repairs itself while you sleep. It rejuvenates itself from the inside out and sleeping is your body’s way of healing. Sleeping on your side or on your stomach actually creates indentations in your skin. These indentations mimic wrinkles and over time, may promote skin damage. If you sleep on your back, your body has an easier time relaxing; swelling and indentations are less likely to occur.

Consider a filler

As you age, your undereye skin thins out and makes you appear tired. An undereye filler can help brighten up the dark circles and fill in the hollow areas. Lip fillers can also improve your appearance. Fuller, more plump lips make you look younger. Even if other areas of your face show signs of aging, having firm, voluptuous lips can restore your youth in a natural and subtle way. Our medical spa in Las Vegas offers multiple services using some of the best treatments: Juvederm, Kybella, Volbella, and more. 

Highlight and illuminate your skin

While you may be conscious about highlighting the imperfections on your skin, having a dewy finish on your face makes it look more youthful than when it is matte. Use illuminating powders, highlighters, and cream-based products. Attract light to the high points of your face: your cheek bones, your brown bone, the bridge of your nose, the inner corner of your eyes, and your cupid’s bow. Brightening up these areas will not only attract light to your face, but also open up your facial features in a youthful way.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. So, it’s important for you to take care of your skin, especially where it is most thin and delicate. Remember to moisturize from your face all the way down to your neck, chest, and hands. These areas are most prone to showing signs of aging.

When your body is dehydrated, your skin reflects that and makes you look fatigued and tired. Maximize moisturize by getting regular facial treatments, eating nutrient-dense foods, and wearing SPF daily. At Ageless Aesthetics, a certified and qualified aesthetician can help you assess and treat your skin to keep it looking youthful for years to come. It is the best medical spa in Las Vegas with over 20 years of experience. Contact any of our skilled aesthetic medical professionals today at 702-AGELESS or 702-243-5377.