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5 Reasons to Try CoolSculpting

5 Reasons to Try CoolSculpting

Wouldn’t you love to get rid of your fat with no diet or exercise and never have it return again? It isn’t too good to be true. CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing procedure to specifically target those stubborn problem-areas where you can’t get rid of fat. Because body contouring is the most common cosmetic surgical procedure in the Untied States, CoolSculpting is rapidly increasing in popularity among women including famous celebrities. With CoolSculpting, an applicator freezes the fat cells in your body while a machine suctions the fat. After a few treatments, your body loses the dead fat cells and you’re left with better proportions and fat reduction.

It is crucial to understand that CoolSculpting is not a form of weight loss. It is a form of cryolipolysis—localized fat reduction which utilizes below-freezing cold temperatures to kill fat cells in your body. This works because fat cells are sensitive to cold. The ideal candidate for CoolSculpting is someone who is already healthy or close to their ideal weight. With enough treatments, there could be up to a 25% reduction in fat thickness in the applied areas. Many women choose to get rid of fat in areas such as the stomach, upper arms, back, and love handles. Here are five reasons why you should try CoolSculpting:

• It is safe

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved procedure that is proven to be safe as well as clinically effective. The procedure has been tested and performed over a million times globally. CoolSculpting is also a great alternative to liposuction, which has numerous significant risks—complications from anesthesia and infections, just to name a few. The risk is undoubtedly far lower than liposuction. When you try CoolSculpting, there may be mild discomfort, but most people tend to tolerate the pain well because the cooling panels numb the designated area. CoolSculpting is an effortless procedure which is why some patients do other activities during the treatment, like watch movies, work on their laptop, or even nap.

• It is non-surgical

Because CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure, there is no long recovery period that follows. You can resume your daily activities after your treatments. It is a non-surgical procedure to contour your body as opposed to liposuction which is an open surgery. Try CoolSculpting; it is far less painful than surgery. An applicator is simply placed on a targeted problem area for a set amount of time with a specific cooling temperature, usually anywhere between 10 to 15 degrees. The applicator targets fat cells rather than the skin, nerves, and muscles. Swelling is minimal, wounds do not occur, and it reduces fat and tightens the skin.

• You can change your body shape

CoolSculpting is perfect for the individual who has already lost the weight and put in the work at the gym, but still finds themselves with flabby, plumpy, or chunky areas. For a lot of women, proper diet and regular exercise cannot change what genetics has predetermined. Every individual is born with a certain number of fat cells in specific areas of the body. Even at a healthy weight, fat cells can still accumulate in particular areas depending on how they are distributed. CoolSculpting is the perfect solution for those who have tried their best at lifting weights but still sees the accumulation of fat in their upper arms or who have attempted all types of core workouts but still can’t get rid of their love handles. CoolSculpting not only freezes off fat cells, but it tackles the loose skin and suctions up the problem areas.

• It works

There is no reason not to try CoolSculpting. Celebrities like Debra Messing, Jennifer Aniston, and the Kardashians swear by it. It reduces the appearance of cellulite and studies have shown that full results of fat loss show within three months. While the procedure doesn’t work for everybody, many women are happy with the results thatthey see. A lot of patients return for additional treatments for other parts of the body once they are happy. Because of this, CoolScuplting treatments have increased over 800% since 2010.

• You will feel more confident

While CoolSculpting is not a way to lose weight, it does target the pesky areas of your body that hold on-to fat and gets rid of them permanently after only a few treatments. You will learn to feel confident in your body, because It is effective for those who eat well, exercise frequently, and take care of their bodies. It has long-lasting results and, soon, you will be happier looking in the mirror. Stop hiding the parts of your body that make you feel insecure and start feeling more confident in the way you look.

CoolSculpting is a great way to get the results that you want without having surgery. It doesn’t require a recovery or rest period, so there’s no need to take the day off. Applicators comes in several different sizes for different parts of your body. A doctor will use a cooling panel and a vacuum-type machine over areas of your body where fat cells tend to cling, targeting back fat, muffin tops, thighs, and more. If you’re looking to start CoolSculpting for a special event, it is recommended to try CoolSculpting three months in advance because fat loss reaches its peak at around 8 weeks after the treatment. Try CoolSculpting in Las Vegas today.