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Ageless by Reva is a professional Medical Spa staffed with highly skilled aesthetic medical professionals. We provide you with the latest procedures, aesthetics, and anti-aging medicine at a good price.


Why Do You Need Aesthetics?

The ageing process is an inevitable phenomenon and is bound to affect each of us sooner or later. For many people, this can be a problem and negatively affect their well-being.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this. By using new technologies and aesthetic methods, you can easily rejuvenate your appearance by several years and make you feel better about your body.

At Ageless San Diego by Reva, we use the latest methods and treatments to help you look better. Trust a group of experts with years of experience. Check our offer, because you will surely find something for yourself.


Our Services

At Ageless by Reva we offer only minimally invasive low-downtime medical aesthetics services that work.

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What Can We Do


You Can Trust Us

At Ageless by Reva we offer only minimally invasive low-downtime medical aesthetics services that work. Here are some reasons why You can trust us and not worry about the quality of our services:

  • All the medical procedures are made by highly qualified specialists with many years of experience.
  • Materials used for all the medical treatments are carefully selected to guarantee the highest level of satisfaction.
  • Every client is treated individually to ensure you will get the best results.


Our Results

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Our Happy Clients

October 19, 2021

I have been hesitant to have any injectable procedures done for years on my face. That was until I finally decided on Riva through word of mouth and observation of her client retention and satisfaction. RIva observes your face like a canvas Her Precision to detail is natural and effortless. Thoroughly analyzing ones angles and dimensions under various lighting conditions. She processes an artists perspective when conceptualizing the most appropriate method to maximum your beauty strong points. She gave me the confidence because she knows what she is looking for in her client, and the articulation of the purpose and procedure . This is a reassuring feeling and gave me the confidence to proceed. After a month or so I can finally share this review and state that my results were better than expected and have me hooked.

Deanna Kurlowecz
April 9, 2021

Hi I’ve known Rev. for 11 years and I come see her and she is absolutely fantastic wonderful I have never looked better in my whole life and I have painted a painting of Reva and gifted it to her

Tina Marie
April 9, 2021

I have been following Reva around for years from location to location and have referred family members as well. I’ve always been happy with my results and truly value her suggestions when I comes to the services that I want to fit within my budget. She always welcomes me with open arms and she will continue to have a loyal follower from me as long as I live in the area! Thank you Reva from the bottom of my heart!!!! ..... Tina

zhihong zhao
August 17, 2021

My name is Bell . Excellent service , WOW Reva was and is by far the best in Vegas and in my opinion anywhere else . This is my new “go to “ for facial procedures., for my husband and I . Try threads, her face contouring is the best. Wow my lips look fabulous . I can go on and on...... Love her …

Lexi B.
January 11, 2022

Reva was amazing! She was extremely professional & really made me feel comfortable. 100% will be coming back to her. So happy with my results 🙂 Thank you...

Brett Tarr
November 5, 2021

Reva is the best. So incredibly knowledgeable, more than two decades of experience, and a personal touch that you don’t find in giant Aesthetics chains. Reva takes the time to get to know her patients, she doesn’t do one-size-fits-all treatments, she really understands each person and their individual needs and customizes a plan for every patient. I wouldn’t trust anybody else with my skin. I live more than 250 miles away, I have dozens of Aesthetics providers within 10 minutes of my home, but I still come to see Reva for all of my aesthetics needs.

Kayla Sheri Delanuez
February 1, 2022

I’ve been going to Reva for many years and she’s always been so friendly, patient, and always willing to work with you when it comes down to your work schedule or emergency. I love going to her and see her smile even through the mask😁

Carmen Silva
September 26, 2021

I’ve been going to Reva for a few years now for all my fillers, face threads and 👄 lips. She does great work, she’s precise, she listens to you thoroughly with ease and in return she delivers. I highly recommend her, and her staff! Great location, clean and professional, I can’t say enough!! Give her a call! Thankyou Reva😘

Adi Powers
May 24, 2021

Had the Best experience today at Ageless by Reva!! She is professional, honest & upfront!! She opens product in front of you showing you her 💯 honesty!!

Katie K.
September 27, 2021

I had a rare reaction to the Botox Reva administered the first time. I was nervous and scared that I was going to have a droopy eye for my wedding in...

Suzanne Thurman
February 18, 2022

Thanks Reva❤️ I had a partial thread lift ... I feel so much younger❤️😊Loving the Results!!!!

RahCole Batdorf
August 13, 2021

Reva is the BEST! She is professional, takes her time, keeps my face soft and balanced and my confidence soars every time I leave her office. Services are always gentle and she goes above and beyond my expectations every single time. Seriously, the best!!

Nayeli Castillo
July 13, 2021

Went to Reva today for threads, lip filler and botox on the forehead . for an EXTREMELY GREAT PRICE ! Loved the results . This is immediately after with swelling and i already look so much younger (: a before picture and an after . Very huge difference already !!

Alexis Boud
January 11, 2022

Reva was amazing! She was extremely professional & really made me feel comfortable. 100% will be coming back to her. So happy with my results 🙂 Thank you Reva. You’re awesome 💞

Eden Williams
March 15, 2022

Five stars is not enough for the service I received at Ageless. Reva listened to my concerns and knew just how to produce the results I was looking for. Reva ensured that I was comfortable throughout the procedures and by far had the best pricing for all of her services. I highly recommend Ageless and will continue to be a loyal client.

Leah W.
May 1, 2022

Amazing work and I am so happy. Can't wait to go back again for botox and filler. Really great work, clean and professional. A must!

Sukanyab 0830
March 12, 2022

I had an excellent experience. Reva was very good at making me feel comfortable and I love the results.

Karina Elizabeth Navarro
November 20, 2021

Reva is the best aesthetician in Las Vegas !!! Highly recommend !!!



Depending on the procedure you do, your age and lifestyle play a determining factor in how long botox injections and dermal fillers last. Patients ages 18-65 can expect a 30-70% reduction in wrinkles 30 days after their initial treatment. Botox results last up to 4 months. Combining your botox treatment with an RF Laser treatment such as Sublime Skin Tightening can help one maintain tight beautiful smooth skin for up to 6 months. Botox and RF Skin Tightening treatments can be done together with our Sprinkles and Sublime treatment we offer for that a kind all natural look specifically tailored to by our physician according to your Facial Contouring needs.

Well, what is painful to one person’s delicate skin vs. another person definitely varies. Some people are very relaxed and some are a bit nervous so are sure to ice and apply topical lidocaine as needed. We special order very small needles for patient’s comfort that even the most delicate skin sometimes does not feel. We go as slow as you need us to go to maximize your comfort. Most patients are pleased with how painless the procedures are.

Look in the mirror and you tell us what bothers you the most and we can start there. Texture, Tone, Tightness, Volume, Fine Lines, Redness, Discoloration, Large Pores, Acne, Loose Skin, Cellulite, Unwanted Stomach or Thigh Bulges? You tell us what bothers you the most and we will let you know if we can improve your concern or if it’s best for you to visit one of our favorite plastic surgeons. We like results as much as you do and we know that you are our walking advertisement, our ultimate goal is to make you as beautiful as you can be on the outside so you can feel confident and beautiful on the inside.

Yes and yes! You and the doctor can discuss the number of units you need to use to correct your areas of concern. Keep in mind that all botox vials are SINGLE PATIENT USE vials. Vials come in various unit sizes between 50-300 units. FDA has approved 20 units for the frown lines, 20 units for the forehead lines, and 12.5 units for each crow’s feet area; that totals 65 units. So you will need to purchase a 100 unit vial to achieve full correction. If you only purchase the 50 unit vial you may not achieve full correction. Any used botox is discarded unless you and the doctor discuss another possible area to use the remaining units of botox.

Most clients can return back to their regular routines immediately. We provide all clients with Arnica and an ice pack to take home to help prevent any possible bruising.

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